The Human Formation Coalition™ (HFC) is an ecumenical Christian 501c3 organization that helps persons discern, unlock and steward their Ephesians 2:10 God given uniqueness and missional callings for the Glory of God.  


Primary Mission

Activate a robust understanding of the integration of all four dimensions/pillars of faith formation (Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Pastoral-Apostolic) within both Catholic and Protestant contexts.

Secondary Mission

  • Equip existing disciple makers as Human Formation Coaches™ using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Methodology.

  • Provide Human Formation Coaching™ scholarships to Catholic and Protestant ordained clergy.

  • Help teens and youth better understand their Ephesians 2:10 God given uniqueness and callings through the Teen Leadership Project.

  • Coming Summer 2020; Human Formation Leadership Triads. The Psalmist wrote; “You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works (139: 13).” Most leadership development is cookie cutter with high emphasis on best practices and low emphasis on stewarding the God given uniqueness and missional callings of the leader including his/her strengths, motivational blueprint , ministry styles and charisms, and contribution to teams.  In our Human Formation Leadership Triad an experienced Facilitator-Coach will take 3 leaders on a 9 month journey through live video conferencing, peer learning, and one-on-one coaching. The goal is to help leaders deploy leadership best practices according to their God given uniqueness and missional callings/contexts.

Integrated Formation

Grace perfects human nature, as St. Thomas Aquinas wrote. We believe that the effectiveness of Pastoral-Apostolic Formation is directly related to the effectiveness of formation around the human person and Personal Calling. We believe a robust expression of Human Formation helps unleash Christians into their personal callings and missional contexts within their families, workplaces, communities and churches.  

Non-integrated and disproportionate condition of faith formation in many ecclesial contexts looks like this:


A proportionate and integrated vision of faith formation looks like this:




Listen to Fr. Mallon's testimonial in an excerpt of the May 29, 2018  Divine Renovation Podcast

The team at the Human Formation Coalition do a great job!
— Fr. James Mallon, author and founder of Divine Renovation Ministry.

“Thanks to the Human Formation Coalition our parish has catalyzed a more robust vision of human formation, and equipped our parish staff with a new vocabulary to use in understanding what motivates each of us to work for God’s great honor and glory.”
— Fr. Tom Curry, Saint Vincent, Latrobe, PA

Bob 2016 Meadville.jpg
Many Protestant and Evangelical churches have long espoused the Biblical mandate to “equip the saints” but have lacked the tools to help God’s people recognize their unique gifts and prepare them for their calling to serve Christ and His Body. The Human Formation Coalition fills this enormous need in the church today. The teaching is sound and eminently practical.
— Bob Jamison, Founder of and member of Mount Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church