Sharon Bogusz, Director of Operations for the Human Formation Coalition presents: "Well Begun is Half Done" I've been trained in how to coach, now what? Great coaches develop a process of preparing for each coaching session in order to maximize the experience for their clients.

Sharon Hachman speaks on Biblical Leadership. When she first learned about the disciple building concept called micro discipleship groups it coincided with her own desire to read and pray more scripture. She loved the stories of those that formulated the process and those who were already trying it.

Integrating Assessments to Find Personal Identity by Mimika Garesche, Missionary Discipleship Coach. After completing coaching around individual assessments that each give a partial view of the person, taking a step back to see the bigger picture of God's creation and how this fits together in this unique individual can be a powerful moment.

"What you have to offer the world is so rare that it has never been given before and it will never be given again." Through personal story and concrete examples Joe will help the participant see the importance of learning and deploying the "language" of God's blessing to affirm the unique combination of talents, character, personality and intelligence making each person a gift to the world.

The Power of Achievement Stories for Effective Coaching. In this webinar Joshua Miller discusses the many positive impacts of beginning the coaching relationship with client achievement stories.

Building Organizational Culture Where Everyone Flourishes: Discussion with Joshua Miller and Pat Molyneaux

On this Divine Renovation Podcast, between minutes 4 and 12, hear an excellent synopsis on using StrengthFinders and APEST with a team.

The blessings of drawing out the client achievement story in MCORE coaching, presented by Joshua Miller PhD.

Building a Culture of Personal Vocation presented by Joshua Miller PhD.

How does the APEST assessment, (based on Ephesians 4) work in a Catholic Context? Presented by Fr. Lou Vallone and Gary Fritsch. Download the: Mapping Strengths to APEST Coaches Form

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Building Team Strengths through Coaching and the benefits of coaching using the full 34 strengths of the Gallup / CliftonStrengths, presented by Joe Killian

Strengths Domains & Theme Dynamics presented by Sharon Bogusz, Pastoral Associate for Evangelization, Saint Vincent Basilica Parish