Teen Leadership Project

The Teen Leadership Project helps teens discern their unique gifts and live a life of purpose through leadership, mission, and faith-based opportunities. Ephesians 2:10

Everyone needs a WHY. A purpose and a plan– to feel fulfillment. Unlock your hidden potential. See that everyone was made to lead in God’s kingdom. Unleash your talents on the world through love and service.

Adults- Join Us January 31, 2019! Have fun while supporting our work and service. This event will sell out- get your tickets now!

Pull out your track suit and get ready to dip, duck, and dodge! Athletic ability discouraged!

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High School and College Aged Students who want to learn Who I am, How God made me, What I’m great at, and How to use those gifts to choose my future career or vocation and to build God’s kingdom.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of The Teen Leadership Project is to combine Learning about Ourselves (Human Formation), Serving Others (Pastoral Formation), Understanding Topics facing our Society (Intellectual Formation), and Faith (Spiritual Formation). We believe that focusing on these things can help build a solid foundation for our students’ futures. We offer networking opportunities with Community Mentors and the chance to learn and grow with other like-minded teens in a safe, friend-filled environment.

Why Choose The Teen Leadership Project?

Today there are thousands of college majors to choose from and a limitless number of job choices. Sometimes these choices can be overwhelming. Without knowing ourselves, we struggle to find our fit. This lack of purpose is eroding our mental health and can contribute to confusion, anxiety, and depression.

Why Teens Love It?

They will develop true and authentic friendships while having fun and learning about themselves. They will earn the Certified Teen Leadership Award and President’s Volunteer Service Award (the highest volunteer service designation in the country) for over 100 hours of service!


What’s Included/ What are the Four Pillars?

Each year’s program will be unique, but will include the important elements below:

  • Strengths-Based - Who am I?, How was I made?, What am I great at? What are my academic and career interests?

  • Community-Service - Forming well-rounded people who unify those they serve.

  • Spiritually-Based - A foundation for anyone who wants to grow in faith and understand God’s will for one’s life.

  • Learning-Based - Grow in wisdom and understanding of issues facing our world. Participate in respectful conversation and debate.

I’m writing to thank you for all you have done for me over the past two years from Honduras to the volunteer internship this summer. When I signed up for the mission trip, I didn’t know many people and had never been on a mission trip before. However, you made me feel welcomed from the get-go. You probably know that Honduras changed my life, but you may not know that at the end of last year (my senior year) I had no friends. All my friends turned on me and bullied me through the end of senior year. It’s definitely not what anyone would or want their senior year to end up. With that being said, when I left for Honduras I was in a rough point in my life. Honduras completely changed my life in the sense that those kids taught me to love myself for who I am. They taught be the true value of kindness and friendship. The small group setting was also vital to the trip as well. I opened up to people that I didn’t know very well before the trip about my senior year and have meaningful conversations with them. They also taught me that none of what my so called “friends” said to me was true. Through the trip, I grew closer to God and came to love myself and others in an unconditional way. Since Honduras I have been more involved in mission trips and campus ministry than any other point in my life. I know that all of this would not have been possible without you. From organizing meetings to keeping all safe while in Honduras you did an amazing job. No amount of thank you’s will ever be enough for all you did for me. Thanks again. (Student)

Learn About Yourself

  • Only 19 percent of most 4-year public university undergrads graduate on time

  • Only 47 percent of students from higher-income high schools completed a college degree in six years

  • Each additional year we spend paying college tuition increases the debt incurred, on average $22,826 for every year at a public four-year college in costs to students and parents. Future earnings and savings are also negatively impacted

Sources: Complete College America report, 2017 High School Benchmarks Report - National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC), 2017 Completing College Report - NSCRC

What if our program could help your student feel confident about their God-given gifts and talents? What if it helped them know and understand what they are best at? What if it helped them choose their future profession, major, or vocation with confidence? What if it saved one or two years of indecision in terms of selecting a major, finishing college, or finding a career? What would that mean for your family in terms of mental health and happiness? What about financially?

Lead from your strengths…

In our ten-month development journey for teens, we will meet twice monthly, for our group sessions as well as service. In addition, each teen will participate in a local Service Retreat and will have the opportunity to participate in a sports-ministry mission to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in partnership with a local church. All meetings will be experience-based and FUN and will build upon the Four Pillars of The Teen Leadership Project.

Community Mentors

Professionals volunteer their time as Community Mentors and help form the next generation of leaders by sharing their own talents and experiences. In sharing what they do and the types of challenges they face at work and at home, they have an opportunity to impact the future generation of world leaders.

Community Mentors are enriched as they give back.

At the Teen Leadership Project, we don’t believe in “Facebook-type” encounters where we only share the positive in jobs and careers, rather we encourage real and authentic conversations in which we share the good and bad. The goal is helping teens find the path best suited to them.

We believe that too often our teens are shielded from life’s difficulties. By showing teens that struggles exist in every profession and relationship, we offer them a path to resiliency. We show them a way to heal from their wounds and to grow from past failures and difficulty.

Want to volunteer to be a Community Mentor? Are you available for email questions about your job? Could you spare an hour of your time to talk with someone about what you do for a living? Are you inspired to do more and perhaps you would like to journey with our teens (clearances required)? We value the amazing gifts you have to offer!


DONATE TODAY- Sponsor a student through the Teen Leadership journey. Any value donation greatly appreciated! Corporate SPONSORSHIP'S are also available.

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